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Windows VPS Servers

Over 60% of websites are running on a vps server windows powered by a Linux or Windows operating system. If you are looking for a dedicated server that can power your website at its best performance, a Windows VPS might be the answer.

Unlike shared hosting, where resources are not evenly distributed across accounts, VPSs have the benefit of a guaranteed set of resources for your website. This can help keep down loading times and increase your site’s security.

A dedicated server is more expensive than a VPS, but you get a lot of control and flexibility with a dedicated server solution. You also have a dedicated IP address.

Windows VPS: Everything You Need to Know About Hosting Your Website or Application

The choice of whether you want a managed or unmanaged Windows VPS depends on the level of support and resources that you need for your hosting needs. Generally, managed servers come with Windows server managing tools, guides and tutorials, customer service options and 24/7 virtual assistance.

You can also opt for a self-managed VPS solution, where you pick the OS and configure it yourself to your liking. This option will give you the most control and flexibility over your server, but it may not have the same security features as a managed solution.

Kamatera offers a variety of affordable, scalable, flexible and customizable plans to meet your online needs. Their Windows VPS hosting solutions run on high-performance infrastructure with NVMe SSD storage tech and 1 Gbps network connections. The pricing ranges from $4 to over $1000 per month depending on the features and capacities that you choose.

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