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Canadian author

There are many reasons to read a Canadian author’s book. From its unique perspective, Canadian authors are often referred to as “literary immigrants.” But the idea of an immigrant author isn’t as foreign to many as it may seem. For example, Carol L. MacKay’s poetry has been praised by critics and publishers. And her new novel, Celeste Unraveled, is a darkly humorous take on life in Canada.

There Are Many Reasons To Read A Canadian Author’s Book

As a teenager, John de Ruiter first began to realize that he was being guided by an inner compass. He began pursuing higher knowledge and began to lead meetings that were comparable to an artist. His goal is to help people develop their own direct knowing, and to encourage others to do the same. John was born in Stettler, Alberta, to Dutch immigrants, and became a skilled orthopedic shoemaker while still a teenager.

Another notable Canadian author is Mordecai Richler. Born to a Jewish family in Montreal in 1931, Richler grew up in a predominantly Orthodox community, but later rejected his faith and espoused a largely secular life. In the process, he became an exiled member of his community and acclaim was accorded him globally. In fact, the writer was a member of a community that actively chastised him for his Jewish roots and beliefs.

A controversial writer, Richard Richler’s novels have endured as great Canadian literature. The author received the Order of Canada and the Screenwriters Guild of America’s best fiction prize, as well as two Governor General’s Awards. He also has a star on the Canadian Walk of Fame. Margaret Atwood is another popular Canadian author, born in Ottawa. Her works are based on animal imagery and survival. And as a Canadian author, her work has been admired by millions across North America.

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