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Our online shop is packed with Greengate products that warm your heart and bring a little bit of the Scandinavian Wohlgefuhl into your home. From elegant, delicate glassware to cozy, soft table linen and more. The collections are a mixture of the very best from the Danish label, combined with our own creative vision. We use our passion for beautiful design and love of detail to create kitchen and home accessories that are both timeless and classic, but also surprisingly modern.Learn more: alsaba.de

Every Kollektion from Greengate has its own style, story, and character. The inspiration for the design may come from a particular place, time, or mood. Sometimes it is a feeling of nostalgia or memories of our childhood, other times the desire to express our own style and personality.

Getting Cozy with GreenGate: Must-Have Winter Home Accessories

The result is a collection of unique, hand-beaded, high-quality ceramics that are both functional and decorative. The patterns range from simple and refined to intricate and expressive. Whether you choose a fine filigree stripe pattern, a floral print motif, or a design that reminds you of a frosty morning in the mountains, you will always find something to match your taste and your personality.

Several of the Greengate designs are considered classics and have been in production for a long time. Others, such as the Serie Alice, have a more ephemeral character as they change color with the seasons. Nonetheless, the Danish manufacturer makes it a priority to make sure the designs match well together.

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