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The right undergraduate or graduate 로얄티비 program in Sports Broadcasting can give students the on-air training that they need to position themselves for opportunities upon graduation. A top degree program will teach students to cover all aspects of a broadcast, including giving play-by-plays and on-field interviews while also teaching them how to operate the controls in a studio, record, create, and edit video and audio snippets for broadcasts, and much more.

The ability to make listeners and viewers feel the same excitement and energy as those in the stands is a key component of a successful career in Sports Broadcasting. While passion for the sport may play a role in that, it is not the only factor that separates the best from the rest. A thorough understanding of the rules, strategies, and history of a particular sport is essential for success in this field as well.

Broadcasting Legends: Iconic Voices in the World of Sports

In addition to providing commentary and analysis of current events, sports broadcasters often conduct pre- and post-game shows and interview athletes, coaches, and other notable figures in the sporting world. Effective communication and interview skills are important for this aspect of the job, as is the ability to elicit insightful answers from interviewees that will interest and engage an audience.

A quality graduate degree program in Sports Broadcasting will also provide its students with access to world-class equipment and studios for hands-on experience. For example, Sacred Heart’s Frank & Marisa Martire Center for the Liberal Arts and West Campus include media production studios with state-of-the-art technology, allowing SHU graduate students to develop the skills and knowledge needed to compete in the global marketplace.

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