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If you run a business it’s important to ensure that all of your electrical equipment is safe to use. This can be done by having it regularly tested and inspected. You should also record the results of any testing and inspections that you do. This will help to reduce the risk of accidents or fires caused by faulty electrical equipment.

You might be surprised to learn pat testing swansea near me can charge different rates. Some may charge by the hour while others will charge on a per item basis. It’s important to get a written estimate from each company before you choose one to work with. This will allow you to compare prices and services to find the best deal.

A PAT test is an electrical test that’s designed to ensure that all appliances and equipment are safe to use in the workplace. It’s been a common practice in the UK since the 1960’s, long before The Electricity at Work Regulations came into force. It’s usually carried out by an electrician who will visit your premises and conduct a visual inspection of all electrical equipment. He or she will then label each appliance with a sticker that shows whether it passed or failed the test and provide a date for the next recommended inspection and test.

Stay Safe in Swansea: Your Guide to PAT Testing Services in the City

Some customers will decide to have their Pat Test done on an annual basis, which is fine as it helps them to comply with the Health and Safety regulations. Others, however, will be more interested in a quick fix and will ask for their Pat test to be carried out as quickly as possible. This is often because their insurance company have demanded it or they need to satisfy the Health and Safety manager at head office!

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