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diesel car tuning

When it comes to diesel car tuning  car tuning there are a lot of different options and much of the information out there can be confusing. With the huge popularity of Diesel cars and the fact they offer better fuel economy and lower emissions than petrol, there are many people looking to maximise the performance of their diesel vehicle. The good news is that diesel engines are a lot more tunable than their petrol counterparts due to the fact they can handle very high levels of boost with relative ease and the fact that they run a lean mixture by default.

Unlocking Power: A Guide to Tuning Diesel Engines for Enhanced Performance

The most common way to tune a diesel car is by having a remap carried out. This involves a diesel tuning specialist connecting a laptop with the ECU and optimising the software to improve performance and efficiency. If done properly this can be a very cost effective way to get the most out of your diesel engine.

As well as a remap there are also many bolt on diesel tuning parts available to help get the most out of your car. This includes larger intercoolers from the likes of Forge Motorsport and THS, hybrid turbo kits from companies such as Darkside Tuning and Turbo Dynamics, and a variety of exhaust systems including Milltek and Cobra.

If you are willing to spend more on your diesel tuning then there is also the option of going all out and getting stage 3 tuning. This is where you will see the biggest power gains but does come with a few risks and will require extensive part upgrades to cope with the increased work load on the engine.

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