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When it comes to how to decorate bags , the sky is the limit. But no matter what your style is, the key to a great DIY project is planning ahead and following instructions closely, whether you’re painting or using adhesives. It’s also important to take your time when decorating, as some techniques require multiple layers or lots of drying time.

If you’re a fan of old-school ’90s nostalgia, try this cute, retro-inspired DIY caboodle bag, which can be filled with makeup and other beauty products. Alternatively, you could use this unicorn-inspired goodie bag as a cute way to hand out party favors. And for a little extra flair, add a few stickers of your choice.

DIY Bag Decoration: Unleashing Your Creativity to Personalize Your Tote

Another fun and easy way to decorate a gift bag is by using paint. This works best if you’re a talented artist, but even novices can create beautiful patterns with simple brush strokes. For a more organic feel, try using natural patterns like spirals and meanders. Or, if you prefer something a bit more geometric, try painting the bag with horizontal and diagonal lines or polka dots.

If you’re a big pineapple fan, you can also stamp your own design on the bag with potato stamps and yellow and green spray paint. Just be sure to add a piece of flat paper inside the bag before you start stamping so that the paint doesn’t transfer to the other side. You can also add a few letters with the paint to create a personalized message.

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