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A vision insurance plan helps pay for the cost of eye exams, lenses and frames. The savings you experience will depend on your specific needs and expenses, however, according to Vision Service Plan (VSP), the average vision insurance plan holder saves $562 per year on products and services.

The types of eye-related expenses covered by vision plans vary by plan, with most including a flat copay for the exam, a frame allowance and a lens copay. Some plans may cover up to two visits per year for an exam and a pair of glasses each, or they may cover one visit and one pair annually. You should carefully review the coverages of any plan you are considering to make sure that it meets your expectations.

Vision Insurance: Taking Care of Your Eyes and Your Wallet

While the costs of vision insurance vary by plan and coverage level, most are fairly reasonable. The monthly premiums are typically around $5 to $15 a month, and the more expensive plans come with lower copays. Most vision insurance providers will charge some type of enrollment fee, so be sure to check for that before you decide on a plan. Some of the top vision insurance companies include Ameritas, VSP, and EyeMed. Ameritas is well-known for its customizable approach to networks, which empowers members to choose the network that best fits their needs and preferences. Another popular option is EyeMed, which is known for its simple and intuitive member experience. In addition to its vast network of providers, EyeMed also offers a variety of affordable plans.

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