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transfer stickers

Custom transfer decals | Vinyl Status are a great way to add custom designs and messages to your windows, doors or other smooth surfaces. They come in a variety of sizes and patterns, and are easy to use!

They’re made of 3 layers: a paper backing, vinyl sticker and transfer tape. The transfer tape holds the individual pieces of your design together while you peel off and apply the sticker to the desired surface.

Screen printed stickers are a high-quality option for stickers because they’re produced with precision and accuracy, and they have clean, sharp lines and accurate colors. This ensures that your stickers will look professional and polished, bringing your brand or design to life.

How to Remove Transfer Stickers Without Damaging Your Surface

Rub-on transfers are another option to consider when creating custom stickers and decals. These stickers are affixed to the surface by rubbing them, so they’re perfect for using on a variety of items including notebooks and planners.

If you’re looking to make non-vinyl stickers more water resistant, try laminating them! You’ll need a laminating sheet that’s slightly larger than your sticker sheet. To avoid air bubbles, press the laminate onto your vinyl paper (sticker side) with a credit card, ruler or squeegee.

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