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If you are installing vinyl flooring, or are looking to lay carpets or tiles then a good quality floor screed is crucial. The right floor screed will create a perfectly smooth surface on which to lay your final flooring solution.

latex screed is a self-levelling compound that is made up of powder and liquid latex in accurate proportions. The mixture is poured onto the floor and will level itself as it sets for an even finish.

A latex floor screed is quick to apply and can be ready for use in a matter of hours after pouring, which saves valuable time on a project. It is also highly durable, hardwearing and resistant to shrinkage or cracking. This is a great choice for areas of high traffic or as a premium flooring material in the home.

Mastering the Art of Latex Screed: Techniques and Tools

This type of screed is protein free which makes it suitable for use in environments that require a high level of hygiene, such as hospitals or buildings of multiple occupancy. This makes it a popular choice for commercial projects, too.

Before applying a latex screed it is advisable to check the substrate to ensure it is clean and contaminant-free. If contamination is found it may be necessary to mechanically prepare the substrate, including grinding/scabbling or shot blasting. It is also a good idea to check the maximum depth required for this type of screed, which will be displayed on the packaging. In general this will be around 10-15mm, however with the addition of bulking aggregates (normally kiln-dried sand), it can go up to 30mm.

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