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A bespoke website is designed from scratch, solely for the purpose of one particular business. As a result it can stand out from the competition, be scalable for growth and offer high-end visuals and functionality.

Which developer is in demand?

However, a bespoke site will typically have a higher price tag than a template or off-the-shelf solution. So, the question of whether a bespoke website design is worth it comes down to how fundamental your online presence is to your business operations, sales and growth plans.

The most obvious benefit of a bespoke site is its uniqueness. When using a theme, it’s easy to end up with the same layout and overall look as a competitor. Adding functionality and plugins can also make parts of the site feel un-uniformed or sloppy, but with a bespoke build this is rarely a problem as everything can be built to fit into the design.

Bespoke sites can also be much more SEO friendly, as every line of code is created with specific business goals in mind and optimised for search engine results. This is something that is not possible with a template or off-the-shelf site.

Finally, a bespoke website can be quicker to update if there are any problems or bugs. This is because the web development team who have designed and built the site will be able to address any issues quickly, without having to wait for a plugin or third-party developer to fix it for you.

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