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Hire lights and disco balls (sometimes known as disco balls) add a great deal to any party, filming or wedding event. Suspended above a dance floor area they are perfect for creating the look of a 70’s themed disco dance party.

The mirrored surfaces of the disco ball reflect light in many directions, producing a complex display of varying lighting effects. Usually mounted well above your guests, suspended from a device that causes it to rotate steadily on a vertical axis, it is illuminated by spotlights so stationary viewers experience beams of light flashing over them and see myriad spots of light spinning around the walls of the room.

Light Up Your Event: Exploring the Benefits of Hiring Lights and Disco Balls

Our pro-quality mirror balls have a motor ring molded into their core and feature multi-color pin lights to add to the effect. They are ideal for disco-themed events, weddings and tented wedding receptions. When paired with a haze machine they create a great effect of endless dots of light that dance around the mirror ball.

LED balls offer a great alternative to the classic mirrorball. These units send sharp beams of light dancing around a venue space and can be synchronized on master/slave or DMX link to create an amazing effect. Combine with a haze machine for a great effect that will give your event a true club atmosphere. They are also ideal for highlighting flowers or centerpieces on tables at a party.

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