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A covered canopy is an excellent option for a variety of commercial applications, from business fairs and outdoor markets to sports fields and school playgrounds. It is also a great way to shield people and equipment from the sun’s harsh UV rays, especially in hot climates. The right shade material can promote airflow to keep the area cool and help users stay comfortable, even if they are in direct sunlight.

A canopy with a high enough ultraviolet protection factor can shield workers from harmful UV rays. It can also help to improve worker morale and productivity, as well as reduce the amount of time that staff spends applying sunscreen and moving from shade to sunlight throughout the day. A canopy can be made of a wide variety of materials, from wood and vinyl to metals such as aluminum and steel. Metals are a popular choice for shade structures because they offer exceptional strength and durability. However, they are often more expensive than other materials, and they require more frequent maintenance to prevent corrosion.

Sheltered Spaces: The Beauty of Covered Canopies

Mapping the distribution of canopy heights can reveal spatial patterns of protected areas (according to WDPA39). The results show that protected sites tend to contain higher vegetation than unprotected areas, with an average of 34% of all forests above a given height being in protected areas. Combined with other indicators of ecological integrity, canopy heights can be used to identify the most valuable forest conservation sites.

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