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As consumers become more discerning about the products they purchase, beauty brands are under pressure to provide transparency about ingredients, manufacturing practices and environmental impact. This trend has led to a new wave of personalisation where consumers want specific solutions for their skin, hair or body. We’ve already seen this with brands like ‘O.W.N’ skincare which uses AI to create personalised skincare formulas for different skin types and concerns, as well as at-home DIY beauty kits like those offered by the fast-growing startup FastAF, where consumers can get a curated selection of their go-to makeup and grooming products delivered to their door. Go here gcimagazine.com

Another big beauty trend for 2022 is a return to naturalness, with many people ditching heavy foundation in favour of a more minimal look and focusing on enhancing their own features rather than covering them up. For example, long eyelashes are very much in vogue again this year and beauty influencers are highlighting the benefits of getting a professional lash extension treatment. Meanwhile, brushed up eyebrows and subtle blushes are making waves thanks to TikTok influencers.

Beyond the Surface: Exploring Diversity and Inclusivity in Beauty Trends of 2022

At the other end of the spectrum, genderless body care is also booming. This trend is being driven by a desire to look after both your body and soul with nourishing, indulgent products. This is a space where brands are competing for attention with each other to deliver the most luxe and personalised packaging and products – think monogrammed lip gloss bottles, gold-plated lockets and hand creams that come in their own little jars.

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